Founded in 2008, Shenzhen Cloudatlas Electronic Equipment System Co., Ltd. is a national high-tech enterprise in the automotive electronics industry integrating R&D, manufacturing, sales and service. The company focuses on the development and application of automotive intelligent systems, automotive electronics and related sensor technologies. The main products are TPMS (tire pressure monitoring system), automotive intelligent electric tailgate system, automotive body controller unit and sensor, etc.

Main business: Cloudatlas has been deeply engaged in the field of automotive electronics for more than 10 years, keeping up with the development trend of automobiles, giving full play to its technical advantages, and continuously innovating products. The company currently has three product platforms:

 1、 Tire pressure sensor (TPMS) : The current tire pressure series covers the passenger tire pressure series, the commercial tire pressure series, the motorcycle tire pressure series and the programmable wireless burning tire pressure series for the tire pressure market. At the same time, various hand-held operating tools based on tire pressure products have been developed. It basically covers the needs of various tires for tire pressure sensors.

2、Controller series products: There are three series of controller ① Independent controller based on tire pressure sensor, products are CTM80, CTM83, CTM85, CTM86 and CTM57, CTM58, CTM59 and other receiving modules. According to the different requirements of customers, there are imported chips and high waterproof requirements of the controller, there are also to meet the needs of customers to reduce the cost of the domestic chip controller. ② The electric power steering series controller independently developed by the company. ③ Electric tailgate controller and other automotive electronic control units.

3、 Electric strut: Starting from 2016, we have been developing a series of electric tailgate products. Based on market demand, we have evolved from the first generation of metal strut to the second generation Ф38 diameter plastic support rod, third-generation Ф36 plastic support rods and the current fourth generation Ф33 diameter plastic support rod has been continuously improved and optimized along the way to meet customer needs in terms of functionality, performance, and cost requirements.

 With a professional team, efficient management, and first-class products, Cloudatlas Company is based on a standardized modern enterprise management system and adheres to guiding the long-term development of the enterprise with the future of the industry. Cloudatlas will continue to pursue a long-term development path of safety, convenience, environmental protection, energy conservation, and social responsibilities.

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